Find Your Life Group Today

At Cherry Creek, we are committed to a New Testament pattern of fellowship that exists beyond our Sunday morning services. For this reason, we gather weekly or bi-weekly in homes throughout the area in what we call Life Groups. These groups are led by trained lay-leaders in the church who are given ongoing support and oversight by the pastoral staff.Life Groups are basic Christian communities of 10-14 people who meet regularly for mutual care, application of God’s word, discipleship, evangelism and community. They often eat together, discuss God’s Word, care for one another, pray together, and fulfill the “one-another” commands of the New Testament. Life Groups are the primary context in which the people of Cherry Creek experience the grace of God in community. We ask all members to belong to a Life Group, and we encourage anyone who wants to get plugged in at Cherry Creek to seek out a Life Group as well.

The overall purpose of Life Groups is Growing Christ-Centered Homes by creating a safe atmosphere where genuine faith and life are lived out in community with our brothers, sisters and neighbors.
If you are interested in learning about leaders, times and locations please call the church office at 269.327.9090, or you can email us at